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I am looking for someone who has had success using the Kotomi Generic Bridge script..

I am wanting to use the above said to use with XF and an old Legacy script called DigiVendor Pro. v1.08. To be used as the purchase handler and supplier of download link via The Resource Manager.
DigiVendor Pro although a bought script from years ago is open source and can be altered if needed but I am more than sure the bridge will do the job..
I have tried to do it myself since the RM was released with no joy and being honest I have very little free time nor patience nowadays..

I am more than willing to give access to my test board where both scripts are installed and working independently , once you see DVP you will realize why I want it using the XF skins/themes..
Its down right ugly to say the least.. lol


Thanks in advance...

Let me go grab kotomi just to refresh my brain (I used it for a game script)

The style I think you would have to do inside of the script itself but looking at the script , the css for it is ridiculously simple so it wouldn't be a problem to match up with your xf style.
Well I have tried till I am blue in the face and I simply cant get the code supplied in Kotomi`s Bridge Script to work with the forum index....

It is pulling from XenForo in a test index as shown below:

But editing XF`s index just generates errors and I think I have tried every where to add it..

Pity because its an excellent script that generates the paypal links needed that can be added into the RM, it also generates the download area link to the file being purchased.... Its an even bigger pity that is so damn ugly in its own right...

Screenshot of purchase links:

Bare Naked script that looks nasty...


Purchase Link Added to the RM..

Any great ideas would be welcome , apart from the obvious one of forget it.. :rolleyes:


Really should engage my brain more often before taking up the pen, so to speak...
I meant the vendor`s index.php file not XF`s...
I astound myself at times at just how thick I can be.. duhh..:confused:
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