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[Looking for] XenForo style creator


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As I am pretty busy with add-on's and getting StyleMyXen up and ready to go with new styles and such to be released with the new site.

So what I am looking for is someone to fully create a new style for xenDirectory which is my add-on site as well as support site. The style must be professional and no blue. Going for a custom image pack of all new images, new colors, etc.

  • Completely custom
  • No blue
  • Any color will suffice
  • All PSD's in original layered format
  • All rights signed over to xenDirectory to do as I please with the images and style
  • No copyright other than my own
  • No sharing of images or style at all with any other site or any other person
Requirements are as-is unfortunately I'm not one to let a unique style go some place else unless I feel its time to let it go and get a new style. If work is exceptional and timely, I will reuse for another style I need created.
Quotes in thread are fine, PC quotes are fine. Just remember $1,000 is beyond belief as I design styles as well but time will not allow me to squeeze it in so I know how much time is in creating a style and know that $300-400 is a very fair price.
Thank you and look forward to quotes


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I've only purchased their pre-made styles but can't recommend XenFocus highly enough. The skins are superb and the support from the guys over there is great.