Looking For XenForo Coder & Designer!


I'm soon going to start a gaming community using XenForo as the website software. I know how to set it up myself and install, but I need someone who can help with addons and basic coding to make the website look unique. And of course I also need someone who knows how to work with XenForo themes, should it be custom themes or themes you can buy, it doesn't matter.

I am willing to pay for this. How much I pay, depends on how much you can do and how well you can do it! :D Hope someone is up for it!

- Nima :)


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If you already own a license, associate your forum user name with it and then you can post in the customer forums.
I don't own it yet, I'd just like to know if someone could do this before I buy it, because there would be no point in buying it if I don't have someone to help :)
Nima to be honest getting Xenforo set up is easier than installing it. Adding the mods you want done the same just upload the files and run the XML file and you are done. As for themes there are great designers that have ones made or will make one for you, I'm not sure on the pricing for a custom one though.