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Looking for Partners?


Active member
Hello all,

We currently put up a "Partners" page, and I am specifically looking for Xenforo ONLY partner sites.
What do we need to do, to exchange links?
Our partner page is located here: http://www.optiksgaming.com/pages/partners/

Some background information of who we are...

First off I would like to introduce myself...
I am the founder of the OPTIKS Gaming Community and we strive towards growing game servers/ and a community base around them.

Please note: We are not just a division based community, but we want to strive to bring a casual gaming news/discussion feel to the forum as well for the users that do not want to participate in a more structured form. I.E. Non-OPS Members.

But we are essentially a gaming community, which is prioritized more around our gaming servers.
The main server we will be running/funding soon is a 64 player BF4 server. Just waiting on EA/Dice to release their official dedicated server files/info.

Let me know if any of you share interest.

Look forward to hearing from you,