Looking for mods for my forum


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I think you would be way further ahead posting this on an admin site. Problem is pretty much all of us are forum owners and require mods ourselves. It is tough enough devoting time to our own sites let alone modding at someone else's.


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I'm willing to be a admin or mod on a website but it depends wehat the website is about, animals or gaming would be great but i'm interested in a lot of things.


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If you're looking for an add-on then in the add-on requests forum.

For styling help in the styling forum.

For a resource such as a custom style, logo, etc. in the resource requests forum.


mods (moderators) != mods (addons) :D

I think brogan is talking about mods (addons) and PokerApex about moderators^^


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No, I'm clear on what both threads are for.

They were both posted in third party services though and clearly neither of them are suited to that forum, which is for services being offered to others.

As posted above though, you would be better off asking elsewhere - most people here already have their own forums to manage.