Looking for help with my addon!


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I have an addon that I designed called "Founding Members".
I was thinking about the different things that could break the addon in the state it's in right now.

Heres how this addon works. It takes the 1st 100 members by their user_id and gives them a special "Founding Member" banner.

The issue I have is when a member quits or deactivates their account, I believe my addon would automatically assign the next member a "Founding Member" banner. (I cannot test this because I do not have a big forum to try on.)
How could this be stopped and NO MORE founding members after the 1st 100 period.

If anybody have any Ideas or would like to help, just hit me up...
If your interested in helping, you will receive the addon for free, and credits in the addon.
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The User IDs of deleted users will not be re-used for other users. So as long as your add-on checks that the user_id is not greater than 100 there shouldn't be a problem.

Btw, you don't actually need 100 users to test your add-on. Just set the limit to e.g. five users. If it works then simply replace 5 with 100..