Add-on Looking for Full-Time coder and APP developer for my xenforo's community


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I'm looking for two professional figures.
One or more coders willing to work full-time for me to develop plugins for my community.
An app development expert to manage the mobile part of my community.
Great salary: more details in private.


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Working for him since more than a month, big projects, sometimes hard to understand but that's the language barrier, no issue with payments.
Serious guy.

S Thomas

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There is nothing to take up with staff, Xenforo does not get involved with such things.
Wouldn't say that because he is actively (and, tbh, he's everywhere) promoting his service here. They should certainly look into that.


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We take such allegations very seriously if solid evidence is provided to us, and we do actively remove such people from the community, as we have done recently and in the past, when we believe those people are a potential danger to the community.

We do however highly encourage people to try and work it out first as a lot of serious claims turn out to be simply disputes or misunderstandings.