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XF 1.2 looking for correct CSS to style #loginbar label


Well-known member
I want to do some restyling to xenforo´s login Slider
I am trying to restyle this Radio Buttons.

After i get it not working with PHP, because of less knowing about it ;), i came up with the Idea to make the label´s a button.
Which looks in an very early stage, like that

Hover Effects will be added, matching colors etc...
Problem i have is whats the correct CSS to use?

To hide the radio buttons just inside the Slider i use
#loginBar input[type="radio"] {
    display: none;
To get spacing, bg-colors etc., i found this 2 css classes...
#loginBar .xenForm .ctrlUnit > dd > * > li > label {  }
#loginBar .ctrlUnit > dd > * > li > label {  }
Both are working.
But what´s the correct one, for the Login Slider, or am i completely wrong and someone who knows more about CSS can give me some advice?