XF 1.5 Looking for a way to pull something like "most quoted member" for date


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Just wondering if there is a way to pull the the most quoted user within a specific forum for say the current year.
From what I can see the only place that might be held is in the bbcode cache, where it gets purged, however wondering if anyone else has a query that might pull this.



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Can someone sanity check this one for me please? I think this should give me the correct list of the most quoted in 2017

Select count(bbc.content_id) as counter, u.username
from xf_bb_code_parse_cache AS bbc
LEFT Join xf_post AS p on bbc.content_id = p.post_id
Left JOIN xf_user as u on u.user_id = p.user_id
where p.post_date Between unix_timestamp('2017-01-01 00:00:00') AND unix_timestamp('2017-12-31 23:59:59')
Group by p.user_id
Order by counter Desc