Looking for a theme dev for our website


I run a small minecraft community and one of its members (a graphic designer) made this theme that is attached via Photoshop. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can to convert this to an xenforo theme? Unsure on our budget as we run off of donations, but if the price is right...




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I could possibly do this for you. I do not use photoshop (I use Painter and GIMP) so I won't be able to open any psd files for that mockup.

I haven't been coding for Xenforo for very long, but I have a few under my belt now. Here are some examples:http://sizaelrpg.com
Deabition Ruins Skin (Default look) and Seno Nights 2
Fantasy Age Request - (Work In Progress)

Other Skins in my portfolio:
Zetaboard Skins (all seen there except Zetaboards Default)
MyBB Skins (new skill - only one so far and it's not finished yet)

At this moment in time, I can't take on any more free requests, but if you message me, I am sure we could come to an agreement on a price you are happy with - by default I never charge much lol.