Looking for a Post as Mod function


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We're looking to convert to Xenforo in the near feature, one of the core features we have that I can't find to replicate is an ability for Mods & Admins to post as a generic "Moderator".

It provides anonymity for staff members so they can't be directly/privately berated for having to take action against an individual.

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If you really need this function, I would recommend creating a "staff bot" (or similar) account so to speak for each mod/admin or at least a few. Then give login details to your staff.


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That's plan B, was just hoping I just missed it. I did find one for XF 1.0, but it wasn't ported over.

At this time upon making a reply, we can just check a box that says "Post as Moderator", and it does exactly that without the inconvenience of account switching.