Browser issue Long Titles Appear Differently Word Wrapped in Chrome (Android)


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OK, I wouldn't consider this to be a bug, more of a tiny little quirk that caught my attention. :X3: In short, if you are viewing using Chrome (Android) and if a thread title is long enough that it ends up being word wrapped, then it appears to be rendered in a larger size then the non-wrapped thread titles.

A picture is worth a thousands words ;) so below notice the thread title "Are clashes between Addons/Plugins less likely with Xenforo ?" when viewed in landscape mode (and no word wrapping) versus portrait mode (and the long titles end up being wrapped).


Probably something triggering the [very useful] article text zoom feature

Can't really consider this a xenforo bug, as the text in question appears inside <h3> tags and couldn't possibly be realistically considered article text. Definitely a chrome bug.
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