XF 1.5 Logos & Header Sizes For Desktop & Mobile Views


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One thing I've noticed is that if I try to use my standard site logo which was designed for desktop computer size viewing and set the top header height for it then it’s way too large/tall when viewing it on a mobile device.

Is there any way to have two logos or just one for desktop viewing to where when viewing everything on a mobile device the logo and/or the header size become smaller?

This seems to be an issue with the new responsive themes. Is there any workaround for this?



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Thanks, I'll have to look at that one, but I'm not sure it will resize the actual logo.png header image, it might though.

I installed the other one I listed over a month ago which basically just removes the logo.png image when viewing on mobile devices and makes the height of the header small. That works for me and I forgot to come back and post what I found. I know others have had the same issue.

The main issue is the height of the logo.png image more so than it's width. Most of my users are old and still using desktop computers with big monitors and they have no use for mobile devices. At the same time I use a 27" iMac and home then also have my iPhone. Trying to make it look right on my iMac was easy, but then on my iPhone.... :eek:

If the other mod resizes the logo.png image then great, but I'm not sure the text on mine could be read if it was when viewing on a mobile device.