Logo.png; why include it on upgrades?


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Every forum will have its own logo. Is it necessary to include the xF logo in the upgrades? I keep forgetting to remove it and then have to re-up my own logo normally a day or so after when it gets pointed out to me that our logo reads XenForo. If it wasn't there in an upgrade, it would be better, expecially for forgetful people like me anyway.


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Why don't you set your logo/image path in the ACP for your style to a different filename/path?

That way it will never be overwritten during an upgrade.

Style Properties -> Header and Navigation: Header Logo Image Path


Style Properties -> General: Path To Images

I would also recommend doing this for logo.og.png if you've also changed that.

If you do create a new directory/path, make sure you copy all the contents from the default style directory to it.


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The same argument could be made for any of the default icons as many people have changed their node icons, their default avatars, smilies, some have even changed their ACP icons.

This is why changing the default path is the best solution as it avoids the issue completely with regards to any of the default style contents.

You just need to remember to update your style directory with any changes when upgrading, for example the new lightbox icons which were part of Beta 6.


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In fact, the same argument could be made for any file that hasnt actually changed.

Just have a package of changed (or added) files.
There was a discussion about that earlier.
It would require multiple packages depending on which version you're upgrading from and to.
Expecting admins to choose the correct package would result in lots of failed upgrades.



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Sorry but I still say that images don't need to be included in the upgrade package, at all. Saves the devs time from packaging them, saves us time changing, editing, etc.
I just change the logo to:


and ensure that it is in the root directory. This solves the problem of displaying the incorrect logo while the site is being upgraded.

The other logo file, logo.on.png, is still a bit of a manual effort. I just have to make sure I'm not copying over my modified version.
Not if you change your image path.
I'd like to change the image path, but when the editor images were changed to PNGs in a previous beta release, it seemed best to leave that setting alone in case changes were going to be frequent. However, that may be a better option for now. I'd like to shorten the URLs on my style image paths.

Or are you referring to something that will allow a change just to logo.on.png ?


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No, that's exactly what I meant.

Create a new directory under /styles, for example /styles/moto
Then copy all the default directories and images to it.
Then copy your custom images to it, overwriting the defaults; logo.png, logo.og.png, etc.
Then update the image path in Style Properties.

Then there is no fear of your custom images ever being overwritten.

All you will need to do is check for any new/updated images each release, which should be an infrequent occurrence.

This approach is necessary anyway if you have multiple styles with different images/icons for each one.