Login with facebook/twitter/google, etc. - does anyone do it?


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Having or "log in with" buttons on forums has become mandatory for forum developers, but do users users actually use these methods of registering or logging in? I don't think any of the users of the two forums I've run cared about these. And I'm not sure that any used them. Is there a way to find out?


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You can check the xf_user_external_auth table in the database.

Quite a lot of the members in my forum use all three.

If you post links on Twitter for example, people clicking those will inevitably log in/register via Twitter.


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i dont know, about members but im just starting to make use of them.. But i will say i once accidently deleted the app and disabled facebook registration for a few months before i found and fixed the problem not one single member mentioned a thing and best i can tell is they are heavy facebook users..