XF 1.4 Login/Register page - modification and styling

Hi, I tried to tighten the login/register page that opens when someone tries to access the site and isn't logged in, or wants to do something that non-members can't do.

I'd like to submit the code to those who understand this kind of thing to see if I'm missing anything in there which I may need later? I deleted portions, moved others around, and created put some of the content in styled divs. Maybe not very recommended to do this, but if what's left is all I need, why not?

That's why i'd like to ask more experienced Xenforists. And also to give hope to those who may have wanted a solution (I searched the forum to find solutions or addons to do this, but didn't find anything, except a few people wanting to see this section better set up. I love how Xenforo has a lot of flexibility!).

The main changes I've done :
- eliminate the box on the top that said you needed to be logged in, etc.
- cluster the username and password, along with "forgot password" and login with Twitter
- separated the REGISTER option from the rest
- created a box, and styled the buttons

I've attached the txt file of the code for the template I modified: