XF 2.2 /login/keep-alive being accessed every 50 minutes?


For two days now I have been seeing the /login/keep-alive url being accessed about every 50 minutes (plus or minus a few seconds) from the same IP address that I am pretty sure does not belong to a member (it belongs to my ISP).

Can someone please enlighten me why this could be, and what the keep-alive is meant to be doing?


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it's in the bottom of the source code in jquery... it's you being on your own site probably-- an old tab in the background keeping your session running.

view source of this page and you'll see:

        jQuery.extend(true, XF.config, {
            userId: 28,
            enablePush: true,
            pushAppServerKey: 'BDvKu8FwXYdeQ2Boe389GaFqfnrcJ+WCkkITD8I2nk+pCGqaoA8j5aBW60mxhEXxShcAzub4cmEhCHfcnXeOeqE=',
            url: {
                fullBase: 'https://xenforo.com/community/',
                basePath: '/community/',
                css: '/community/css.php?css=__SENTINEL__&s=1&l=1&d=1610295380',
                keepAlive: '/community/login/keep-alive'
            cookie: {
                path: '/',
                domain: '',
                prefix: 'xf_',
                secure: true