Log out redirect - force F5 refresh ?


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I'm testing xenforo v1.0.1 with Varnish cache proxy v2.1.5 and it works fine in Firefox without problems. But when it comes to IE8 browser, when i click logout links, Varnish cache still keeps the redirected target url = index.php page cached. This only happens in IE8, doesn't happen in Firefox 3.6.14 nor does it happen with vB 4.1.2 forums I have on the same server - when you click logout link = you're logged out properly even with Varnish cache.

But in IE8 problem browser, if i manually hit CTRL+F5 in browser after logging out, the varnish cache is cleared and get logged out. Same if after log out in IE8 i hit mark all forums read link, the cache is cleared and get logged out properly. Been pulling my hair out with xenforo log out link and varnish cache's unusual behaviour in IE8 browser.


So thinking of easier way around it, if it possible to change xenforo's logged out link redirect to do a forced CTRL+F5 refresh on the target redirect url link ?



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Looks like this is happening in IE8 not just for logout page redirect to index.php but also to any page that gets updated on forums UNLESS a F5 refresh is made. This problem doesn't happen in Firefox 3.6.14 for me, so something in way Xenforo/IE8 interacts with Varnish v2.1.5 caching.

Only way it works in IE8 is it internet options -> browsing history -> is changed from automatically to check every time page is loaded, then Varnish caches correctly and updates when pages change.