Log-out all users


The question is simple, we need a way to log out all the users currently signed in and remembered.
I tried removing the session rows from the xf_session table but it didn't work.

Any leads on this would be great, thanks.


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I haven't tested this but changing the cookie prefix in library/config.php should do it.
$config['cookie'] = array(
'prefix' => 'yourprefix_',
'path' => '/',
'domain' => ''
Why do you need to force log out for all of the members?

Jake Bunce

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^agree with Brogan

Note that the default cookie prefix is 'xf_' so you need to use something different. That will invalidate all existing login and "remember me" cookies thereby forcing everyone to login again.


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Is there an addon which the admin can use to force a member to logout? That way if you have someone disrupting your site, you can force logout (and ban them?). Or maybe just log them out for 24 hours. I didn't see this anywhere in the control panel so not sure if this is an option.


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The only option you have is to temporary ban them, you can invalidate the cookies, but that'll only work once.


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I see no reason for one, just temporarily ban the user. You could in theory just invalidate his password; but that'd require him/her to be logged out before visiting your site.


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I don't see this line anywhere in library/config.php anymore:
'prefix' => 'yourprefix_'​
How can I logout all users now?