XF 1.5 Locked out of new install

Chris Goldsmith

New member
Just completed the xenforo install and it won't let myadmin user login - says "Incorrect password. Please try again. " even thought the password is a copy / paste from the install notes also verified in the DB that the user is not locked and is admin
values for both user name and email match what I'm logging in with

mysql> select * from xenforo.xf_user\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
user_id: 1
username: <user name>
email: <email >
language_id: 1
style_id: 0
timezone: Europe/London
visible: 1
activity_visible: 1
user_group_id: 2
secondary_group_ids: 3,4
display_style_group_id: 3
permission_combination_id: 5
message_count: 0
conversations_unread: 0
register_date: 1480708360
last_activity: 1480708360
trophy_points: 0
alerts_unread: 0
avatar_date: 0
avatar_width: 0
avatar_height: 0
user_state: valid
is_moderator: 1
is_admin: 1
is_banned: 0
like_count: 0
warning_points: 0
is_staff: 1
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It's possible you introduced an extra character (space) when copy/pasting.

You should be able to do a regular password reset.

Chris Goldsmith

New member
the password reset isn't sending the email out due to issues that I need to investigate - in the meantime can the password be reset direct thru a mysql update command line