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Lock forum nodes for specific usergroups

Lock forum nodes for specific usergroups 1.0.0

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TRGCommunity submitted a new resource:

Lock forum nodes for specific usergroups - Fully responsive lock screen for forum nodes

IMPORTANT: This resource is unsupported!

Based on this template modification, I looked for an alternative to lock forum nodes, as the modification had problems with css and especially responsive design. I finally found BlockUI and created a small add-on to be able to configure it easily. You can lock up to 3 forum nodes.

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I understand this is unsupported but is it possible to have the code of the example picture ?:) This is exactly what I was looking for thanks for release it.


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Sure, no problem :) There you go:

<i class="fa fa-lock" aria-hidden="true"></i><b>This content is not available to you.</b><br />You need a user upgrade to access this forum.<br /><a href="account/upgrades"><span class="button primary">Purchase upgrade</span></a>