XF 1.2 Loads of usergroups ? Could that affect load time ?


Formerly allewreK

If I have like 100 usergroups on my board, each one with like 50 members, could that make my site slower ?

Are usergroups designed to be really flexible like that ?


Mike Edge

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No, amount of user groups shouldn't have any effect on your load time, other then maybe a page that listed all the groups and members within it, but even that shouldn't be really noticeable.


Formerly allewreK
Why you would ever need to have 100 user groups?
A kind of custom add-on ^^

It may cause issues during permission rebuilds, when creating private nodes for example.
And even with these usergroups with "defaults" permission. 0 special permission for these. Can this still causes issues ?

BTW, I don't think I will have more than 50 usergroups (and less that 10 users in each group), so no problem with that ?


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You may have issues rebuilding permissions, but unless you are updating permissions constantly, you should be relatively fine.

A permissions combination for each group must be created.


Formerly allewreK
@digitalpoint, since you have a big board, what is your opinion about that ?

Would you suggest me having 100 usergroups, or is that a bad idea ?

If I want so many usergroups, it is just for the username styling, not for the permissions.