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ListPrefixes 1.0.0 build 2

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Thread Prefix Listing

This add-on show a list of prefix in each forum! Works with Xen 1.1 Beta2, Beta 3 and Beta 4.


1.0.0 build 2:
- Choose the forums to show the prefix list.
- Choose the minimum ammout of threads to show a prefix.
- Choose the display order of the prefix list (by title, by ammount of threads and by display order)

1.0.0 build 1:

- Prefixes only show if:
a) has some threads with it
b) usergroup of the user can use the prefix

Hope you guys like it!



ListPrefixes (build 2 - 04/01/2012)

This is an alternative version. This version do not query to the database. So there is no verification if the prefix is usable or not to the visitor browsing your forum. It just show all prefixes from a forum.

The two location of the prefixes list is in the forum view page and in the node list.

Here is some screenshots:


As you can see in the image below there are two prefixes in the forum: "Book Reviews" and "Game Reviews", once you click in each one of the prefixes will redirect to the forum only showing the threads with that prefix:


This is the forum view page, the prefixes are all listed in the forum description, as you can see again the same forum, with the two prefixes "Book Reviews" and "Game Reviews":


There is no option to show the numbers of thread of each prefix because the version of this addon is a request from an user, and too, a light version of the above addon.