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I am looking to start a new forum and wanted to see if there is a list of forums using Xenforo so that I don't duplicate another forum.

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There are thousands of forums so it would be impossible to list them all.

Many forums have the same subject matter - anyone can start a forum about any subject, regardless whether one exists or not.


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You can checkout the showcase here:

Wildcat Media

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Maybe they're referring to similar designs/themes instead of the forum's topic.
I was thinking that also. I do see a lot of smaller forums that stick with the stock XenForo theme. It's not a bad theme, but I feel the theme does need some small amount of customization to make it memorable. At least in my mind, it could be a stylized logo with just a few matching display elements that make a forum stick in my mind.

As for similar forum topics, a Google search will quickly sort that out. And aside from VerticalScope's modified format, it's not too difficult to tell which of those runs XenForo.