XF 1.3 List of all template changes since 1.2


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Templates Changed Since 1.2

A full list will not be released as it's simply too large and the changes are significant. You should use the "Outdated Templates" system (and the new template merging option) to bring your templates up to date. Alternatively, you may wish to simply revert your customizations and redo them.
Does anyone have a list of template changes in 1.3 since 1.2? Sadly XenForo doesn't distinguish between custom modifications and official template changes so I need to upgrade my old 1.2.4 installation to the newest version via installing interim versions first.


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Yes and XenForo treats my custom changes equal to official changes, so there is no easy way for me to know what official changes an outdated templae has.


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I don't really understand what you are saying.

If you have edited a template and that template changes in the next release, it will be marked as outdated.


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When you open an outdated template via XenForo's built-in editor, you will see all changes inside a blue colored block. But you don't know if those changes are your own custom changes or XenForo's official changes because as I said XenForo doesn't distinguish between official and custom changes. Life would be easier if I knew beforehand what changed.


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XenForo's changes are also highlighted. I have made so many changes, it's difficult to tell official changes apart from my own if I don't know what exactly was changed. Btw. I just noticed that XenForo stopped providing lists of template changes at all since the release of 1.3. This was the last list provided.


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That would happen only if you have edited master style, which you should never do.

To see all template changes you need to compare templates from old and new versions. First you need to download those templates. Get WebDav client such as CyberDuck, enable debug mode on forum and connect to url_to_your_forum/admindav.php, change directory to Public_Templates/Master Style (0)/ and download all files to your computer. Then update forum and repeat same process to download new template files. Then compare directories where old and new templates are stored. To compare directories you need a tool like FileMerge or WinMerge.

Or compare files install/data/templates.xml from old and new version.