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XF 1.2 List BB Code


Well-known member
Is it not possible to apply any type of BB code to list BB code?

For example:
  • Blue 1
  • Blue 2
  • Blue 3

  1. Red 1
  2. Red 2
  3. Red 3
As you can see, the dots and numbers don't get color.


Well-known member
Is there no way to get any type of BB code to apply to the ul or ol? Would it require an add-on?
no because those are generated inside of the li by the li itself via css. You can only change those globally with things like...

.baseHtml ul li {
color: #C2C2C2;
.baseHtml ol li {
color: #C1C1C1;

but that can only be done via templates unless you change something drastically. As you suspect you would need something custom done