List all user and user group permission settings in a single page


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I spoke with Mike about it some time ago and I think he had another idea about how it could be done.

I fixed the image issue - I was reusing an attachment from a customer forum.


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This is a bit old, so I hope it's OK that I give my own interpretation on this...

Hastily-made mockup

(With this layout, it would likely be best to have separate matrices for user groups and users.)
  • Group names can be changed on the fly (notice that they're all in fields)?
  • I didn't add it in, but a "Quick check all" ability for rows as well?
    • Alternatively, set it up so that e.g. if I double clicked the Allow value for Edit profile: under the Members group, every other group's setting for Edit profile: would be changed to Allow as well.
  • I didn't add it in, but maybe each group could have a gripper at one of the corners, allowing for their order to be changed?
  • I didn't add it in, but have the buttons Update Permissions, Revert to Previous, and Revert to Default at the bottom of each individual group?
    • To the bottom right of all of the groups, have the same buttons, except that they affect all groups?
  • I didn't add this in either, but have a button to create a new group to the top right of the existing groups (a simple + button, maybe)? Clicking it would result in a new group appearing to the right of the rest, with its name input field selected.
Edit: Nearly forgot about how to delete groups! Random ideas:
  • Blanking out a group's name and then deselecting its name input field results in a warning appearing above the field, stating that the group will be deleted when the user applies changes to either the blanked-out group or all groups (unless they type a name back in)?
  • A simple Delete Group button next to the rest of the buttons at the bottom of each group?
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Looks good :)


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Would there be any overflow-like issues with those sites that use more than the default user groups?

For example, KH-Vids, a site I frequent, has:

  • Administrators
  • Super Moderators
  • Moderators
  • Reporters
  • Coders
  • Premium Members
  • Registered Users
  • Banned Users
The ones in red are custom.