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Links in the Help/Manual pages should be updated to point to RM instead of old threads


Well-known member
The title says it all :D but to clarify...

On page like the Importing page (http://xenforo.com/help/importing/) stuff like the "Post Content Find / Replace Tool" and the redirect scripts still point to the old thread from when they were originally posted. Since then those threads have been moved to the archives and the add-ons have been placed in the RM with updated discussions taking place.


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Well the post content find/replace tool isn't in the RM, however i've just updated all the other links in the manual to point to the new relevent places :)
Thanks :)

I must have thought the find/replace one was in the RM because the original thread is in the Archive area & closed for posting. For a recently vB to XF conversion I found myself bouncing around different areas gathering everything.