XF 2.2 Links in email from xenforo.com and my forum are doubled

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Thought I would break this out of another post and into it's own post.

Not sure if this is on my end or not but am running into a wall trying to figure this out, email generated from xenforo.com and my forum as well will have the HTML links doubled so they will not work of course. It does work correctly on mobile but not desktop. It displays the URL incorrectly with desktop browsers, firefox, chrome and edge. I emailed my email client and of course it works for them so it has to be something on my desktop I would think.

At this point I have no idea what to check next.

Pic to show how it displays...

It's your email client.
OK, this is so strange, email client is netaddress, I have checked this issue on multiple computers, 3 different browsers, email links from multiple sources.

My findings, all email links when viewed in netaddress display correctly as long as they do not come from xenforo. All email links display correctly from xenforo as long as they are not viewed in netaddress.

Bottom line, "netaddress" does not play nicely with "xenforo", and display email links correctly, is xenforo doing something different that netaddress does not like, nobody can figure it out including myself.
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