Linking directly to Custom Profle Tab from External Page

The default profile tabs don't anchor either. I'm not sure how to implement this.

Yeah I spent 4 very frustrating hours trying to find a way before posting this. For the time being I have given up and have created an alternate page which has the same content as the profile tab and am linking from external places (like in alerts) to this page, while the profile tab is having the same content. Would be great to find out though...
Actually this is already present in XenForo 1.1.2. Take a look at this piece of code in xenforo.js:

var useHistory = false;
            this.$tabContainer = $tabContainer;
            this.$panes = $($'panes'));
            /*if (useHistory)
                    var $this = $(this), hrefParts = $this.attr('href').split('#');
                    if (hrefParts[1] && location.pathname == hrefParts[0])
                        $this.attr('href', '#' + hrefParts[1]);

I just have erased the comments tags and set the useHistory to true and works fine. But I think there is one reason to this piece of code is commented:

// var useHistory = XenForo.isPositive($'history'));
            // TODO: disabled until base tag issues are resolved
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