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au lait

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[by] Linkback - Logs refbacks and pingbacks and displays them.

Linkback recorded all incoming pingbacks/refbacks and send on wish pingbacks.

- Refback/Pingback System
- XML-RPC Ping-System

- Blacklist
- Keyword

- View the list of incoming Ref / Ping-backs in the relevant thread, based on group rights

- ACP list of incoming / outgoing links

DEMO (If resetet hourly)
User: TestAdmin
Password: testadmin

Important information:

Lifetime licence for one...
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Also is the pingback deferred or fires right at posting? I'm thinking it should be deferred to save the extra second processing from the user posting.


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Does this addon ping every URL or does it somehow know which URL has pingback capability? I'm trying to figure out how it works.