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We have two subforums where I want newcomers to have limited permissions.

Currently, I'm setting up an experienced group and a newbie group. I have one promotion that puts people in the experienced group when they have more than 20 posts, 20 likes, and have been a member of the forum for 20 days. I have another promotion that puts someone in the newbie group if they are not in the experienced group. I have relevant permissions sent to "never" for newbies on the two subforums in question.

I like this system because we have 10 nodes total, so I would rather remove privileges for newbies on two nodes than add privileges for experienced members on 8 nodes. Likewise, there are more criteria to identify experienced members than newbies in User Group Promotions, so I first identify the experienced members then put everyone else in the newbie group as described above.

Is there a better way to do this?
If it helps, the following screenshot from the user group promotions portion of the ACP shows both the options for promoting experienced members and the option to exclude certain groups from another group, as described above. It's just here for reference:

The color scheme is a dark color scheme I use in Windows at night. My forum isn't quite that ominously dark for most people. :)
Typically you would stack permissions, so the base user group which everyone is a member of (Registered) has the minimum permissions you want every member to have.

In your scenario the Registered user group would be the "newbie" group.

The promotion for 20 posts/likes/days would then add them to a secondary user group, the "experienced" user group.

Then you just need to revoke the permissions for the Registered user group (if they have them via the user group permissions) for the two nodes in question and allow them for the "experienced" user group (unless they already have them via the user group permissions).
Ahhh.... I see. I was aware of that general approach from your excellent resource tutorial, but I didn't get how the "Revoke" permission could help here.

So "Registered" has "Allow" globally, but has "Revoke" for the specific nodes in question. And "Experienced" simply has "Allow" for the nodes in question. ... And this works because node-specific "Revoke" essentially has a higher priority than the global "Allow," but this is overridden for the experienced members because node specific allow has a higher priority than node specific revoke.

Did I get that roughly right?

If you have a moment, the documentation doesn't say that the four node-specific permission values have higher priority than the three global permission values, but is that a reasonable way to think about it?
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