XF 2.0 Limited thread content for guest only


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Hello today one of my client ask me if we are able to hide some part of content for guest for example

orignal post for registred members is

a b c d e f g h i j k l m

and we will show to guest only

abcdefg (you need to register to read complete artical )

i searched but unable to find a mod or any setting


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If you hide message content from guests, Google will not be able to index that hidden content.
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Wait, if you do that it is called cloaking and Google will drop you completely.
as i says client don't care it i told them already about this matter but he says he don't want to show full content to guest they must signup to see whole thread anyway i love your DP can you name a musician who play music in street i forget his name he have magic in his flute