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Alluidh submitted a new resource:

Limit Language Usage - Hide languages from your visitors

If you use a separate language pack, maybe for ACP only, and you like to hide it for visitors, you will be able to do this

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  • Support in German language is available at
  • Please do not repost this add-on.
  • Please use it for your forum(s) only
  • Please do not release this anywhere as your own work, either with or without modification.

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Not in the near future, sorry. The reason for this add-on was to give people the chance to create a special language and hide the original language.

For example:
People use the German language pack, but they want use Gamers for Member or private messages for conversations. Normaly they loose the language with every update. Now it is possible to create a child language, change what ever you want and hide the original language.

Until now nobody ask for more ;)
Hey, tested it with XF 1.5 and it works, with only a small "bug".

Whenever I switch to another language via the language chooser on the bottom of the page, it does not refresh the language automatically. I have to do a manual reload of the page and then it is displayed as the selected language.

When I use the preferences pane from the personal settings it does not take into account since after I have to "save" the page refreshes automatically.
Um… wrong… The add-on limits the languages that can be chosen by the users… Activate / Deactivate Languages for the chooser in the frontend. I think you are mistaken.
No worries. I wonder why this is not part of core XF…? It certainly makes great sense.

I hope the author @Alluidh can find the time to get rid of the bug and then it works well with XF 1.5.
Frontend and the user's personal settings. The above add-on is exactly what I need.

I have "English (US)" as the parent language and made a modification for the "Trophies" wording. I simply renamed Trophies to "Achievements" system wide. So now I will not want the users to be able to choose the parent style. For reasons of consistency and compatibility I don't want to override the default language. There is the point where this add-on comes in real handy.
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