XF 2.2 Limit Guest Views/Clicks


Dear all,

with Xenforo 1 I had a plugin running that did the following and it worked like a charm for many years until I upgraded to XF2

The Plugin did the following:

Visitors without an account (unregistered) could access the forums/postings like a registered user with one exception...
After clicking on a second post to read they were asked to register and blocked by a register popup.

Crawlers were detected by their IP which was supported by a file hosted which contained all the IPs of the bots (google, bing etc etc)
Crawlers could read and index all the content, they were setup as a bot usergroup within Xenforo Admin
They had no click/view limitations as unregistered visitors so they could crawl all the content and index it.

Is there now also any way to do that in Xenforo2?