Like my teal?


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Well not so eye catching colours for sideboxes see the arrows those fonts are not even clear can't see Thread starter's username , Top Threads,Top Posters etc are hard to read (making them bold might be good idea) . Try changing colours little bit .
slightly offtopic, but why are you using seamonkey? just curious.
I hate IE. IE crashes in windows seven. Chrome crashes half the time. Mozilla works pretty well but I still had issues I did not like. Safari works when it wants to. I have yet had an issue with seamonkey. I love it. So I have about tried em all and landed with seamonkey.
yall think the teal is too bright????
Im just tired of blue and want something different. I really want a light orange scheme but have not messed with it.


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What I often do when the color is too bright is note down the hex code and then tweak it a bit in Photoshop (add grey/black to it) and just try it out on the style until I'm happy with it.
thanks shelley! Ill see what I can do with that...seeing its a camaro site I am looking for more of a "hugger" orange look. But ill see what it looks like and tweek it a bit. Thanks for sharing.
Brogan, can I see your site?
Also I am working on my orange as we speak.
I found some colors I like on another site.
Is there a program or software that will let you import saved images into it to determine the images current gradients?
Seems like a simple approach to things.
I am trying with photo shop but I don't see anything in there that will help me.