Lightbox with Description

I can't find a thread for this - so I wanted to ask:
Is there a way to insert an images description in the automatic "misc/lightbox" script?
my code:
<div data-author="Images in Abum:">
   <div style="display: none;">
     <xen:avatar user="$album" size="s" />
<xen:foreach loop="$images" value="$image">
  <a href="{xen:link albums/standalone, $image, 'embedded=1'}" target="_blank" class="LbTrigger" data-href="misc/lightbox">
           <img src="{$image.thumbnailUrl}" alt="{$image.description}" title="{$image.description}" class="LbImage" />
Everything works fine, but the {$image.description} isn't shown in the lightbox popup.
Would be great!

Thanks, Harald