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I created a a few resources today in the resource manager add-on, and noticed one of them had an images link at the bottom that brought up a light box with all the pictures in it while the others did not. The one with the light box had close to 30 images in a row while the others had text in between them... I put text in between them to see if the link would be removed but it didn't.

What exactly triggers pictures to be offered in a light box link at the bottom of a resource?
Okay I figured it out, this must have happened when I was editing the page, if you have the code for a picture lets say View attachment 196771 and you delete that code and you don't delete the corresponding "Attached Files:", then that picture will end up at the bottom in the form of a light box link.
Uploading attachments and not embedding them does that, by virtue of the fact that the attachments are not embedded as full images.
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