Lets talk cache configuration...


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Ive started benchmarking my xF install and have noticed an interesting issue.

Without any caching configured, load testing my xF install shows 750 requests/sec.

When I enable front end caching as described here - http://xenforo.com/help/cache/ - my performance drops to 305 requests/second.

When I enable both front end caching and back end caching just using the file system, performance drops to 143 requests/second with nearly doubling the time per request.

Does anyone know why I would see a decrease in performance instead of an improvement when caching is enabled?

I havent even tested APC or memcache, the goal was to just test simple filesystem caching before we get more aggressive.

Any tips appreciated!

Jeremy P

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I can't say much for the frontend caching, but in any case YMMV when it comes to caching.

As for the backend, retrieving caches from the filesystem isn't really going to be fast unless you're on an SSD. Use APC or memcached to store it in memory instead.

If you still don't see a performance improvement I would recommend exploring other cache options or just going without if that's what ends up working best for your site.

Jeremy P

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More than a variable cache, I would recommend an opcode cache, such as the one built in to PHP 5.5+ or APC/XCache.