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Russ submitted a new resource:

Legendary - pixelExit.com - It's freaking Legendary

Legendary is just as the name says, it's freaking Legendary! A lot of time and effort has been put into this style to offer something completely unique to the XenForo software. As with all of our released we take proud in our styles and we hope it shows. This comes with 4 different header images along with an easy to...
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No Problem,
Russ, do you have this in lighter version? Do you offer tech support and is this your business?
No lighter style, it's a rather detailed style with the current colors using various css3 gradients. I do plan some additional color schemes for this style soon though, not sure if they'll be light though.

And yes pixelExit is my business(along with @Steve F), I do this full time(with side work from local development).

Let me know if you have other questions


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I think what I like about this one is that is is so crisp and clean. I would just need the blue and green lighter.
I mean majority of the blue across the style is controlled via the color palette, so if you're looking for a lighter shade it'll be fairly easy.