Learning to Program for Xenforo


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I'm looking to find the best way to learn PHP and the other languages (Javascript etc.) on my own (not in a class). I took one computer science class in college which consisted of MATLAB and C++. Would it be a good idea to continue with C++ and then learn PHP? I'm assuming that if I learn one language, I should easily be able to pick up another since the concepts are the same.

My main concern is learning the right way to program (using the best methods, security). I don't want to write something that is inefficient and has a bunch of problems. I know it will take a while to build up enough experience to learn to program well but I don't want to start bad habits and have to fix them later.

Do you have any recommendations for MySQL and XML?



I'm kind of in the same boat. I know some basic programming, but not enough. I think what's important to know for coding xenforo is to familiarize yourself with OOP PHP and zend framework. I imagine it'd be helpful.