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I just wondered why there isn't a tab/feature for "New threads" on the What's new page: https://xenforo.com/community/whats-new/
There is one for New posts but that gets updated due to new content but would have bee good to have one that is strictly for new threads being created.

Anyone know an add-on for this or a way to achieve this?
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Yeah that is exactly what I've done and tricked the widget/block to look like part of the What's new. I've limited the entries to 40 as it will look messy if its anymore than that on one page. Shame there isn't a pagination for it but this is as close as it will get to what I want doing. I think this can be achieved with an add-on but there isn't one available, who knows, someone might make one in the future. Here's what I have done: https://www.joyfreak.com/whats-new/

What did you exactly do to display "Latest threads" tab?
@JoyFreak did you find a way to have pagination for the latest threads, i.e. to have "View more" button?
This will give you "Load more" for a New threads widget:

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