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I have an XF install where the "Latest" line on the right hand side of each category in the forum view isn't updating when new posts are made. It's like it's behind but I can find no logic to it. It just randomly decides to update, but still to an incorrect value.

If you go into that forum, the thread and related timings are displayed perfectly. Is there something that could be caching that that perhaps I'm not thinking of? A setting somewhere?

I've ruled out plugins and themes already by going completely back to no plugins and stock theme for testing. I've also ruled out a bad opcache or anything Nginx or PHP-FPM related.

Here is specifically what I'm talking about:



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Another example. Here on XF (and on many of my other installs) it works perfectly as it should. Right after I posted here, it updated on XF's forum home page.



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last_post_date in xf_thread appears to not be getting updated...though I'm not sure why or where to go from here.

nevermind that's not it - it is getting updated.


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last_post_* in xf_forum isn't getting updated properly. The information here matches the incorrect information displayed in the frontend.

Any pointers on how to debug the process that should be updating that? It seems that new threads DO update it, but new posts within threads do not update it as they should.

PHP 7.0.x
MariaDB 10.2.x


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For anyone else encountering this, the OP has confirmed (via ticket) it's related to an add-on.


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Yeah, pretty much. It's on my list of de-facto plugins though. It's helpful on a forum that I have load-balanced between 4 servers ;)