XF 2.2 Latest posts on external php page?


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I'd like to show the latest X posts on an non-xenforo php page (my homepage). This is on the same server / website.
With VBulletin, I queried the database directly, and cached the result for 10 minutes. This worked well.

I could replicate my old setup with something like this:

However I see reference to "XenForo_Application" That make me wonder if some things like the caching may be built in already:

These posts are 13 years old, so it's possible the tables referenced would not still be correct. What is the best way to do this with 2.2, and does the above post still apply?

Thanks everyone!
Thank you, after quite a bit of poking around I was able to get things working.
What tripped me up the most is that I'm using a test install, so the SSL cert was not valid. Curl refused to show results until I turned off verifypeer.
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