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I want to change color of 'Latest' link on Homepage, so it looks like:

Latest: Thread title ...
Username, Dec 27, 2011

Probably I should add something in
'Miscellaneous' box of Style Properties: Forum / Node List ->Node Last Post, but just started learning css and I'm not sure what (probably .a something) and how.

Hope you can help me.



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Add this to EXTRA.css:

.node .nodeLastPost a {
color: red;
.node .nodeLastPost .lastThreadMeta a {
color: black;
The second block of code is to change the poster's name as it will inherit the first colour.
Change the colours to suit.


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If you want to change only that link, add something like this to node_list.css template:
.node .nodeLastPost > a
    color: red;
edit: Brogan was faster :)