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Last Posts

The Addon add a Last Postings Box to your sidebar. This is Beta Software! Next Updates comming soon.

Next Update:

Version 1.1
User Permissions
max title length in box
max posting length in box

Version 1.2
add Top Posters
add Last Threads


Step 1

Upload the contents of "upload" to your XF library directory "root/library"

Step 2

Import the XML product through your Admin CP
Admin CP > Home > Install Add-On > Select 'addon_LastPosts.xml'

Step 3

Find your "forum_list" template to include the new sidebar item

Admin CP > Appearance > Templates > Search for forum_list > Click forum_list to edit it

Search the template and find:


Right above it add:
<xen:include template="last_posts"></xen:include>

You can find the German Version of this Addon on:


Pictures coming later. Please click "Like"

Note this is Beta Software: it doesn't check post viewing permissions at this point.




Do you check the user permissions?*g*
I couldn't find anything in the code.

This can be very dangerous if you have private categories;)


Well-known member
This would be nice if we could also place this above the forums, like latest posts....
(Dies würde besser gewesen wenn wir auch die möglichkeit gehabt hätten dies über die foren zu zeigen. Vielleicht in zwei oder drei Blöcke untereinander. )


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it shows bbcode which makes it look ugly

clicking on the link returns me to the main page. the link is redirecting to the index page :S

using beta3

steven s

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+1 on the BBCode.
Also may want to limit the number of words displayed in each post.
And maybe list the forum name.

Nice start! Thanks.

Eric J.

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Whoops, didn't read no permissions and a member saw something they shouldn't have. This should definitely be updated before anyone uses it lol. :p