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Lack of Interest Last post shortcut

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by mattb2k, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. mattb2k

    mattb2k New Member

    When you're in a section you can click on the time of the last post in the thread and it'll take you to that post, e.g.
    [​IMG]"Sega today at 5:14PM", you can click that to take you to that post, then you click the thread title and it'll take you to the OP - however this isn't the same system when you're viewing the general forum (as in the forum as a whole) i.e.
    So they should work in the same way, click e.g. BreakdowN's "5 minutes ago" to go to that post, then click the thread title to go to the OP, currently you can't click the 5 minutes and if you click on e.g. Gaming Category Changes it'll take you to the last post (BreakdowN's).

    I hope that made sense.

    PS. I originally posted it on the forum I go on but was told to post here, that's why the example's different and not this site - though it still makes sense. If it doesn't make sense then let me know and I'll explain further.
  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Clicking the thread title on the forum index will load the last post.

    It is prefixed with "Latest" for this reason.
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  3. Triops

    Triops Active Member

    But can we have this in the threads listing too, please?
    The greyed, muted dateTime in the last column is so tiny and almost hidden by the big users name (which is linked with his profile, not with the latest post) - its not that intuitive for the users. Is there a known mod or addon to improve the visibility of the "Go to first unread" in the thread listing?

    If not I will link the username to the last post of the thread too. In which template do I have to search, please?
  4. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

               <dl class="lastPostInfo">
                    <dt><xen:if is="{xen:helper isIgnored, $thread.last_post_user_id}">{xen:phrase ignored_member}<xen:else /><xen:username user="$thread.lastPostInfo" /></xen:if></dt>
                    <dd class="muted"><a{xen:if '{$visitor.user_id}', ' href="{xen:link posts, $thread.lastPostInfo}" title="{xen:phrase go_to_last_message}"'} class="dateTime"><xen:datetime time="$thread.lastPostInfo.post_date" /></a></dd>
    The username linking to the profile instead of the last post is controlled with the <xen:username> tag. To change it would change it everywhere. You may be better off accomplishing what you want with css (change the size of the username to stop being overwhelming and make the last message date more present)
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  5. Triops

    Triops Active Member

    Thanks a lot, this really helped. I just decided to put an arrow image behind this part:
    <a{xen:if '{$visitor.user_id}', ' href="{xen:link posts, $thread.lastPostInfo}" title="{xen:phrase go_to_last_message}"'} class="dateTime"><xen:datetime time="$thread.lastPostInfo.post_date" /></a>
    Something like
    <a{xen:if '{$visitor.user_id}', ' href="{xen:link posts, $thread.lastPostInfo}" title="{xen:phrase go_to_last_message}"'}><img src="/path/to/arrow.gif" class="arrow_lastPostInfo" alt="{xen:phrase go_to_last_message"/></a>
    Probably there would be a more modern way with css to include the image, but this way the title and alt on the link/image pops in the phrase go_to_last_message, which is not visible on the linked date. Furthermore I changed the style for the username from 11pt to 9pt - now its much better.
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