Largest File that i could upload ?

Jake Bunce

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It's configurable in the software:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Attachments -> Maximum Attachment File Size (KB)

Also, here are some server settings that may be limiting:


I'd like to be able to upload something like 20mb. I have root on a VPS and I've changed all the values for php so I should be good there. I'm frantically searching for how I can config MySQL to cooperate. I hate seeing that all of my uploads fail. I use whm/cPanel and I can't seem to figure out where I can do that.

Anyone got any good pointers?

Ok, so I made php.ini show post and upload variables reflect 50M
Changed my.cnf (for mysql) to reflect 50M for max_allowed_packet
I've even set ram for php to wide open..

There wasn't a choice for max_packet_size which I'm assuming is because not every MySQL installation is of the same version.

So I've got php and mysql reflecting 50m uploads and uploads greater than 4 or so mb still fail un relentlessly. Even after a system reboot. ACP also says 50mbs. I'm running out of options where I can specify a larger attachment allocation.

Anywhere else I can check to see what I can do to increase attachment sizes?
Ideally there will be an error logged somewhere, and that error will tell you exactly what limit is being exceeded.
Tell me about it.. I'm really shocked that I can't figure this out. I have a local installation at home that seems to have no problems but I can't figure out what is limiting file sizes on the public server. Local installation handled a 20mb file with no issues.