Duplicate  Language: Who's webpage is it, anyway?


When logged in, I see my username in the upper right. When I hover over it, it reveals a menu system. As a person viewing the website, using the word "Your" in there just distances the user from connecting with the site. "Your" means nothing to them. "Your News Feed" or Your Alerts" or "Your Content" is completely backwards.

Should all be "My News Feed", "My Alerts", "My Content".

I bet we (as individual users) can change this manually, but seems like by default, it should be switched. I'll look and see if I see other stuff like that and will post it here.


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Marking this as a duplicate, please use the thread linked to by Onimua.

The "Your" can easily be changed to "My" by editing the phrases so Admin's have the flexibility to set their site up how they like.