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******* - Krypton - Write it on your heart that the first day of year is the beginning of the best in the year.

Krypton is a distant planet which orbits a red sun. Before its destruction, it was home to a great civilization which boasted advanced science and technology. In many versions of the story, it was either barren or icy, and often the home of huge crystals and crystalline structures. Krypton had many strange creatures (eg. Glass-eaters) and beautiful landscapes that simply don’t exist on other worlds. The planet was destroyed lately in its life...
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Yes, I read that it was free. Thought the price might be an error or a bug.

Not everyone will read beyond the price to see that it's free. :)


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@*******, please update the resource value to reflect the actual price.

According to your terms, it requires purchasing another product so the price must reflect the lowest value of any qualifying product.
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